About Us

Concussions also known as TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries) have become a persistent issue in sports medicine, ranging from recreational to professional leagues. Athletic organizations have employed measures to mitigate head trauma, but these protocols are still limited in effect

After sustaining several concussions in a 5-year period, the founder found himself in a difficult situation. Pharmaceutical medication, chiropractic sessions, vestibular therapy and acupuncture all proved ineffective in treating post concussion syndrome. CBD not only proved effective but elicited promising results in cognitive function, neuroprotection, motor function, pain management, and neurological repair.

Neuro Namaste Green Therapy’s number one objective is to provide patients with a new hope in life, by providing lab-tested, safe, hemp, whole molecule CBD medication. After experiencing a lifetime of head trauma, it is our duty to serve as beacon of hope to all those who not only suffer from neurological damage; but all ailments.

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